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Check-in will be effectuated at the Welcome Desk in the ground floor everyday from 15pm to
The personal numerical code will be consigned and you will use it to get in the principal door of
Palazzo Trevi and a traditional key to open your room’s door.
We remember you that it is very important to tell us your arrival time (if you arrive by train or plane
please let us know the details) to let us organize your room preparation, trying to avoid waiting.
During the closing time (from 13 to 15) Check-in and leaving your luggage in Palazzo Trevi will
not be available.
It will be possible to enter and to go out of the structure in complete autonomy after your Check-in.
It is available a deposit where you can leave your luggage in case your room is not ready or you
need it after the Check-out that you should do before 11am.
In our little but welcoming Reception (in the ground floor) you can find local newspaper, maps of
the town, informations about Bologna and some advice for the choice of the restaurant and tour
from 11 to 14 and from 15 to 20.
If you request it with a reservation, it is possible to use a paying car park that is 100 meters from the
structure. Places are limited so we always reccomend the reservation.
Breakfast is served from 8:00 to 10:00am in the breakfast room in the first floor with a terrace
where, during the summer, you can have your breakfast in a complete relax.
You can taste fresh, artisanal and typical products of the region, croissant, typical Bologna’s cakes,
fresh and spreadable cheese, cured meats, different types of local bread, biological milk and
yoghurt, coffee, fruit salad, fresh fruit and orange juice. ‘ No-problem’ about Celiac disease and
PKU if you let us know.
We exclusively accept Visa credit card, Mastercard, Maestro, JCB and also the traditional

Check-in and Check-out

Check-in is everyday from 12am to 13 and from 15pm to 20pm. Check-out must be effectuated within 11am.

Garage and payment

A paying car parking is available to hosts that request it withtheir reservation.

Luggage deposit

A deposit is available in case you arrive earlier than the Check-in time or you need it after the Check-out.